True love 🌸


..of accepting
your friend request,
of starting
a never ending chat
online with you
the first time we chat,
or reverting happily with
the heart emoticons.

Neither am I fearful
of losing your attention
after I inbox you
my unfiltered pictures,
Nor am i scared to tell you
how many have
already been sent
in  the past and to whom.

I’m not scared
to share how many
broke my heart
or how many did i dump?

I am just afraid
of you NOT frowning
at any of these.
For, I don’t want myself
to believe anymore that

✍️ Deepshikha (TPI)

Music or gender discrimination?

I love bangles but i need not ” extort ” these from my boo in lieu of my love!

As a part of my morning routine, I was playing this punjabi playlist and the song comes up:
“Ajj kar le tu vaada..pehle le ke de Prada.. nai to hor koi labb lu tu ja!!” (song : #Prada_TheDoorbeen) 😁

Ever thought as to Why such lyrics ?Why is girl portrayed as either a “gold digger” or “hungry for gifts” in every other hindi/punjabi song ?? 😄

This is ridiculous.
I mean who doesn’t like gifts?
Men also take take gifts, sometimes ask for their favourite things, which i guess is and should be quite normal.
Isn’t #Gifting a gender neutral concept? Isn’t it a normal way of showing love? Why are women shown by the lyric writers ‘extorting’ gifts or money from men, all the time in these songs? ( Read lyrics in the picture above from movie De dana Dan )

Either she is asking for basic items like jutti(footwear), bangles( vangaa) , or for anklets ( chaanjraan/payal / panjebaan) or for sunglasses or brands like Prada/ Gucci ??

Seldom do we realise how silently these lyric writers have been brainwashing the present and future generation.
This way, boys are definitely going to perceive what could be the most precious bond on earth as a burdensome liability.

Why are these lyrics mostly portraying men as these selfless “God of all resources” never asking for anything, and women to the contrary are shown proudly ‘giving’ love ‘in lieu of’ some gift ?

Any idea? 🙄

With a wide outreach and ability to greatly influence the audience , onus lies on the artists to think twice before creating anything as stupid as the above.

P.S. Being able to Gift something and having someone in your life (man or woman) from whom you can ask for it, is one of the best feelings in the world.

✍️ Deepshikha (TPI)

Happily Ever after

‘Happily ever after’ is a fake concept ,
whoever made you believe it, was inept,
For I have been loved and left bereft
And before you pity me,
my last isn’t my first..
Yet he is the one to quench my thirst.
We have fights from the core to the crust.
From hurling abuses to giving hard thrusts,
We Kiss foreheads,
At times, swearing to break those heads,
from sewing the buttons like love birds,
to madly tearing off, each other’s shirts,
‘Efforts’ solely became our ‘must’,
And, for, “Happily ever after” makes us adjust,
It’d be great to be there,
But we are not that fussed!

~ ✍️Deepshikha VS (TPI)

(pic credit: Suppa Kaur (Soul Sister)

विदीप 🌸

मेरी आशा और निराशा
के मध्य कहीं
मिल गया
एक दिन वो
जिसको लोग
प्रेम कह दिया
करते हैं ।
हर दरिद्रता हर,
और मेरे जीवन से
अंधकार को निकाल
छोड़ आया निराशा
की सीमा के
उस पार
अपनी चमक द्वारा ।
कुछ इस तरह
‘विदीप’ हुई
‘दीपशिखा’ ।

~ ✍️ दीपशिखा (TPI)